Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yard Sailing Addictions

CR and I always have so much fun going yard sailing and can hardly wait until the weather gets nice enough to be able to go. Last weekend was our first truly sunny weekend it what seemed like ages. I wasn't able to go, and CR hadn't planned on going. I had him make a post office run for me; while he was out there was a yard sale right there across the street from the Post Office. Along with a huge bag of yarn and fabric, CR brought home this pretty little tea set. It matches my china set. :) 

This weekend afforded another opportunity to go yardsailing, this time fully planned. I saw this adorable case. (I have a weakness for retro colors, so the pink, lime green, and orange were calling my name. When I took a peek inside, I laughed. How perfect!In it were about 20 sewing patterns. Dated 50s,60s, and 70s. Too cool! Then as I wandered through the tables a little longer I came across a shopping bag smack full of goodies.
Yep! More wonderful sewing patterns. More from 50s,60s, and 70s, this time including childrens patterns and a few of my favorites: aprons, and jammies!
We rode down forever and a day following signs for a yard sale that truly was out in the boonies. I should have known when the signs all said barn sale. :) This is one of my treasures. 1981 :D
Then, along about 3:30 we had to go to an actual store to get baby diapers. Wouldn't you know, that on down the rode was yet another yard sale. You know I couldn't resist, so we stopped in. For a whopping $2 was a whole box yielding more wonderfuls! These patterns are more modern, with tons of home decorating, costumes, and childrens clothes. 
I'd say todays yard sailing adventures were worth the efforts and drive, wouldn't you say so? ;D

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