Monday, August 8, 2011

Tori's New Pinafore-Repurposed Dress

I made this:
From this:

It was intended to be a jumper, but when Tori saw it, she said, "Oh, My big apron!" So, she now wears it as a pinafore everyday over everything. :) It should be fun trying to pry it away from her to wash :)

Tori in her pinafore..and Levi (the camera piggy)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

All Finished!

Here is CR's first crochet project--ALL FINISHED!! already. He did a beautiful job. Of course, he made it for his Mom, but he wanted to be able to take a pic and he said it would look better if it wasn't just sitting on the table. I think it turned out real pretty if you just ignore the person wearing it...BLEK!! lol
I am so proud of him!

My Birthday Wonderfuls :)

Everyone has been so sweet with Birthday wishes for me this year. It is so nice to know so many are thinking of me on my special day. I wanted to share some of the sweet gifts I received. :) I found my self looking forward to the mail jeep's arrival more this week. Poor lady didn't know I'd be waiting with baited breath to see her coming.:) lol                                                                                  Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane sent me the most beautiful pink glittery birthday card especially for Niece. It was so sweet of them to remember! They always make me feel like a special part of the Matheny family.:)                                                                                                                                               Kenny, Valerie, and Emily sent me a groovy looking card. Lots of orange and glitter.:) (I adore glitter!!) What dear friends to take the time to remember my birthday! I sure do miss you guys!!

Isn't he just the sweetest little bee you've ever seen? Mom asked me which of her bee patterns I liked the best, and I wondered what was up and why she was asking did I guess that she had this too adorable clothespin bag in the makings! She hand embroidered him and his little flowers. I just love it. Too cute!!!
Lots of yummy fat quarters from Mom and Dad. The one has bears and sewing quotes on it. "Such a cut up!" How funny!! I am sure I can put these to good use! :)

My obsession with dishcloths continues! Notice the pig potholder on the bottom! I collect pigs; how perfect! I can hardly wait to try them....especially the pig! EVERY HOME NEEDS A PIG!! :@)
This box is so pretty. I love the scarlet ribbon tied in the front. It reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry.I can just imagine all the wonder goodies I can put it in.
CHERRIES!!!CHERRIES!!!CHERRIES!! I love cookbooks and cherries are one of my loves too! I saw this at a Hallmark store and pointed it out to Mom. I didn't think anything of it when she made an excuse to go to the restroom. Little did I know she was having it gift wrapped for
More polka dots too. There is just something about black and white polka dots or any polka dots for that matter that just scream FUN FUN FUN!!:P
It's always nice to have someone who knows your likes dislikes and loves. After 28 years of growing up, if anyone is going to know all about me, it's definitly going to be my Mom and Dad. :D
Thank you both for making it a wonderful Birthday! :) LOVE YOU!! <3
I was just talking about how I needed to get some pattern boxes for all the great patterns I've been given recently and my sister gave me TWO of these cute pattern boxes. :) Black and white with polka dots....I LOVE IT!! She also gave me a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics, which I am going to go shopping just as soon as it says this blog entry has posted..hehe! THANK YOU LESLIE!! <3u! My brother gave me this cup. I got myself the matching one, and was so tempted to get this one, but resisted the temptation and left it lonely on the shelf. How fun to see it when I opened the box to see it was the one I wanted. "Morning doesn't begin until after that second cup of coffee" AMEN!! :) He knows me so well. I love it! Plus the Irish Knots are one of my favorite designs. :)
THANKS JAMES!! Another birthday  package came on Saturday from my dear friend, Linda (a rose). It had two adorable apron patterns and a cute dolly pattern in it. I can hardly wait to try the patterns out!! The one reminds me of the pinafore that Anne wore over her school dress in Anne of Green Gables. I've already cut out the one I want to try.The other apron is so sweet and very feminine with ruffles, hearts, and pockets. I can picture myself wearing it sipping afternoon tea in the garden! :D THANK YOU,LINDA! :)
A wonderful package came in the mail this Friday, from Katmom, Grace. :) Isn't the fabric the cutest?? She also sent a delicious smelling lavender sachet and a crocheted dishcloth. Lavender is one of my favorite scents!! The dishcloth is not shown here as my Hubby surprised me by doing the gobs of dishes and used it!!lol..Well, he knows a good thing when he sees it! It is so pretty green and browns. It reminds me of the forest. THANK YOU,GRACE!! :)

These are two of my very favorite CDs. CR got them for me. I just love the rich voice of Patsy Cline singing Walking After Midnight!  Brad Paisley, apart from being super hunky, is another of my favorite singers with songs like Whiskey Lullaby and Little Moments. :