Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I thought I'd show some pics of things I've done over the last while or so. Sorry, but for some of them, you will have to turn your head. Still trying to get the hang of the picture editing thing.

This little duck is a tea towel I made for my a while back.
I just finished this dolly for my MIL. Her birthday is soon, and CR says that it just isn't right that I make them all and she not have fun with it too! :)She reminds me of something from little house on the prairie:)

You know those jeans that you've had forever and you hate to get rid of because "SOMEDAY" you might get back into them? I know you know what I'm talking about..hehe The pockets on my apron are from just those jeans.:) CR gave me the John Deere material.Isn't that the sweetest!! He's racking up some nice brownie points..hehe

This is the pocket detail. It's a piggie I pulled off of an Aunt Marthas pattern and then traced in tulips paints. I thought he was cute with his little heart cheek! :)

I crocheted this last fall.It is a lot easier than it looks, but really time consuming. CR said he wanted one for us. I have a tendency to do projects and give them away. Once in while, it is nice to pretty up the house here too!

This is a pillowcase that I just finished for my MIL anniversary. Her favorite color is green. I hope she likes this one! :) I really liked this pattern once I finished it. I might have to make myself a set. In orange or lime green maybe. Something nice and Springy!!:)

Well, I guess that's it until I get my bottom in gear a little more and get to being busier than a bee!hehe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Giveaway from HomesteaderBelle

Belle is having a pretty neat giveaway over at her blog. Make sure to check it out.(It's kinda for the younger set ;) )
Thanks Belle!

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