Thursday, November 1, 2012

Early This Morning

I woke up this morning just in time to see a blue streak fly passed. After finding my glasses and gaining my ground, this is the picture I saw. Whenever the heat turns on, you will here a click and then one or two children will run like crazy for the heater vent. Where they will take up residence until the heater has cycled through. Sometimes, this will be 5 minutes sometimes 10. The longer they sit there, the hotter it gets and eventually, they start doing what is known as the hot bottom dance. In her case, she will draw up here knees and pull her dress over her legs to keep in the warmth. This will then change to leaning against the cupboard with her dress pulled over the vent letting the heat blow up. Finally, the dance ends with wiggling socked toes dangling over the vent. Not matter how hot the seat gets, they will stay for the duration. It reminds me of playing King of the Hill. :)
The second is a picture of Levi's new mitten. Unfortunately, his nap only lasted long enough to crochet one so, he will 1 mitten short until afternap time tomorrow. :O)

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