Friday, March 2, 2012

Cleaning Up on Memorial Day

This is a cabinet I painted with topiaries to go in the childrens' room. Once I got it in there room, I didn't care for it there and moved it out into the kitchen.
I started painting their room. It isn't quite finished as you can tell by the floating flowers and bench. I need to add more details. :D It will be a work in progress for a long time.

This tree is still waiting for a beehive hanging from it and two bears one standing on the others shoulders. The bears are going to be trying to get to the hive. :) Lots of yummy honey for their tummies! We couldn't forget the bees that still need painted too!

My miniature fire and ice roses. The children kept smelling them all day. It was hard to take a pic of it without the camera piggies! :@)

The fenced in area is my side yard. There is a azalea smack in the middle surrounded by coleus and daffodils. The daffodils have long since bloomed and are gone but the azalea still blooms and the coleus is finally nice and full.

It was getting time to go over and do a little more work at the new house. Since CR had a long weekend because of the holiday, we thought it'd be the perfect weekend to go. CR mowed down the crazy jungle otherwise known as our front lawn. We weeded the flower beds and  next weekend plan on going over and mulching it all. I hope that the red cedar mulch isn't too expensive. I love the way it looks. :) Pulls everything together and makes it nice and clean :D

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